Friday, December 31, 2010

Felix Nova Anum: Happy New Years Day!

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Felix Nova Anum: Happy New Years

Address by Marc Aupiais

To our wonderful, loyal viewers: It pleases me no end to wish you a wonderful new year. The Catholic New Year started a few weeks ago, but the changing of anums is a time to be celebrated. Spend it with family, the most basic building block of society.
As for resolutions, the only way to achieve them is not to wait for a new year but do so immediately in your heart and for your heart, not an occasion, or you shan’t achieve a single thing out of them!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas isn't all about family

(Tridentine and Faith; SACNS Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

But I assure you, today is. Remember you still have to attend church today: Holy Family Sunday. The day we celebrate our families by loving and caring for them and Jesus' Family all the same.

Christmas is about sharing Christ. Today is about sharing family- his family first, then our own!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve: the Vigil Mass and Christmas itself

Article by Marc Aupiais

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

For those seeking to obey the church canon law and attend mass

Christmas Eve: the Vigil Mass and Christmas itself

Christmas is quite a day usually, which is why we give this friendly reminder. It is acceptable to attend a vigil mass on the eve of Christmas, during the afternoon. I am personally going to a church at 5 or 6 pm tonight. That way you do mass and get a whole lot of time on Christmas for family!

Also remember SABC 3 is airing the pope's midnight mass from 11 PM to 1 AM tonight. This is an initiative of the SACBC to help those too ill or far from a parish to attend, however I like to watch it in addition to mass, especially as it does not fulfill the obligation should one only watch it and not be for grave reason such as distance or illness unable to attend mass. Yet, for me it is quite the spectacle and well worth the watch be it live or recorded.

You can also attend your local midnight mass whenever it is. Or attend with the crowds tomorrow morning!

Christmas is a day of Holy Obligation for Roman Catholics.

For more information on days of Holy Obligation in Southern Africa see:

Or contact your local parish!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Strikes contravene the public interest- RSA Bishops

(SACNS Africa; Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

For our source quotes, analysis, and additional information, please see:

SACNS Quote Analysis:
South African Bishops claim that state doctors', teachers' strike contravenes the public interest

A protest action over pay and benefits by public service unions, including unions consisting of educators at state institutions, as well of healthcare professionals, who are employed by the state, was the receiver of recent statements of disagreement from the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, the official Vatican endorsed Catholic bishops' conference for South Africa, and neighbouring nations. The SACBC media unit contacted our service, and other media earlier today via email, as is verified by our internal systems, so as to allow our service access to their opinions, which they inform us are also aired on their official website.

Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier, of the Archdiocese of Durban who lists himself as the SACBC spokesperson, who our service verifies is a former head of the regional organization, has stated his view that some of those seemingly partaking in protest actions have prevented doctors, students and teachers from free access to healthcare and education facilities, in some instances, and has claimed that such reported actions contravene the public interest and human special interests, such as the general allowance, in South African law to primary, as well as secondary education, and healthcare. He stated that the Bishops Conference supported the allowance in South African law for protest action during wage disputes, but that some strikers had affected negatively the ability of other individuals residing in South Africa, to further their own interests, such as the achievement of primary, or secondary education, or the accessing of health services, and may have affected the interests of those who are less able to make a living, and those with fewer means at their disposal. Military medical units have been sent by the state to state healthcare facilities, according to a number of local media reports.

Cosatu (Congress of South African Trade Unions), a non-parliamentary member of the ruling (ANC) African National Congress's tripartite alliance, was part of general protest action, according to a "No Comment TV" video from independent European Union special interests service, EuroNews, which is connected to a number of European state broadcasters, and has an official contract with the European Union to air certain programs. Mine workers, have also been on strike according to text on video sharing site YouTube below the "No Comment TV" video by EuroNews.

South Africa has a history of violent and controversial protest action, those not partaking in some protest actions have in the past been reported in local press as having been intimidated to join protest action, or having been injured.

The recent protest action, has accompanied reported intimidation of other individuals by individuals partaking in the general protest action. Local media has claimed that some students in a less affluent area had allegedly assaulted a group of educators who were partaking in the protest action, via stoning. Stoning is a common form of vigil-ante behaviour in South Africa, where victims often do not survive the process.

There have been allegations of obstructions of ambulances, and some students have been advised that if they attend school, they should do so without wearing any form of identifiable school uniform. The president of the republic has been reported recently in local media as disapproving of the actions of strikers.

A number of deaths have been reported, allegedly due to the actions of strikers, and police have reportedly used rubber bullets, in accordance with usual police policies involving crowd control. Police and state agents, have been deployed to certain areas according to local media, reportedly, in order to address security, health and human special interests which could have been affected by the protest action.

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